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Choosing the right carpet can be a difficult process, so understanding the Various fibres and styles in very important in selecting what?s right for your home.


Wool is recognized as the best fiber for a carpet. Flame retardant, easy to clean and a natural spring back means it keeps its Appearance for longer.

Just as important in choosing a wool carpet is the quality of the wool, Many manufacturers can offer an 80% wool twist but where does the Wool come from? Is it from a Greek mountain goat?

They may still be a good hardwearing carpet but just because it?s wool does not mean it?s pure lambs wool.

By far the best wool yarn available is either british or new Zealand The majority of high quality wool carpets in the UK will be made with British wool and usually carry the British wool mark.



Polypropylene is probably the most popular yarn used in carpet, it?s highly stain resistant and considerably cheaper than wool.
However it will fletten quicker than wool but overall polypropylene is a good all round fiber for the family home.



Polyester wears well and again has good stain resistant properties however again it can fallen easily in traffic areas.
It is common in Saxony carpets that have a long luxurious pile and has a glossy tinge to it.



Nylon is a tough fibre that is often used in commercial carpets tiles, it?s extremely hard wearing and stands up to flattening much better than polypropylene or polyester however it can soil a lot easier.


Twist pile

A twist pile carpet is the most popular style of carpet on the market.
Its cut pile has a twisted finish and is both hardwearing and easy to clean


Berber or Loop Pile

A Berber or loop pile carpet is made from uncut loops of yarn.
It can be very hardwearing and most suitable for heavier traffic areas in the home.
Pets can be a problem for a loop pile carpet though as claws can snag the carpet.



A Saxony is a luxurious cut pile carpet. It?s long pile gives it an extra soft feel and is
Well suited to bedrooms and living rooms.


Shag Pile

A shag pile is a longer pile version of the saxony and is supar luxurious.
It can take a lot of maintenance to keep it?s looks.

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